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Notification of Meetings via E-mail / Drawing
Pursuant to the recent amendment to the Bylaws recorded by the Monmouth County Clerk, Unit Owners now have the ability to “opt in” to receive notices of Unit Owner Meetings through an electronic means of delivery.

To obtain a current record of e-mail addresses for owners, a webpage has been created on the www.wyndmoorhighlands.com website, entitled Census 2018.  By completing all required information on that webpage, the Unit Owner agrees to accept notice of meetings via electronic means (e-mail).

Please help us to go paperless, as well as reduce costs of photocopies and postage, by opting in.  As an extra incentive to opt in, the Board is pleased to conduct a drawing.  Upon successful submission of the online form at CENSUS 2018 , the information provided on the webpage will be electronically delivered to Surf Site Property Management. The information provided will be maintained by Surf Site and a record of each owner’s submission noted.  Surf Site will confirm receipt via e-mail and via regular mail to your address on file, and you will be automatically entered in the drawing.  One lucky winner will be drawn at random to receive a $200 gift card at the September 20, 2018, Open Board Meeting.

If we already have your email on file, please take a moment to complete the web form to opt in and enter the drawing. If you prefer to opt in and provide your e-mail address in writing instead of the web form, please click the button on the webpage referenced above, download, print and return it to Surf Site no later than September 14th, in order to be eligible for the drawing.
Winner need not be present to win.  Board members and employees of Wyndmoor are not eligible. Only one entry per unit is accepted and must be received by Friday, September 14, 2018.   Entries received after September 14, 2018 are ineligible for the prize.

Retaining Wall Behind Building A
The Board moved forward after hearing several concerns regarding the retaining walls.  The Board most recently awarded a contract to The Falcon Group to inspect the retaining wall behind Building A.  While engineers believe prior remedial work effectively stabilizes the overall wall, the engineers and Board agree it is in the best interest of the Wyndmoor community to proactively assess the performance of the wall and be able to react with any necessary remedial work.  This will ensure that its useful life is extended as long as possible. 

Rail Replacement:  Building B
​​The Railing Replacement Project on Building B is expected to begin this year.  The Board recently retained the engineering firm, FWH Associates, to review several areas of concern before the project begins.
​Recycle Dumpster
All fencing around the recycle dumpsters was completed.  
Replacement of Air Conditioning Condensers on Decks
As you may be aware, replacement of the plywood flooring on the decks requires lifting the existing Air Conditioning Condenser.  Unit Owners are urged to contact the Surf Site Property Management office at 732-869-4450 if you are planning the replacement of your condenser.  Coordination of new decking with a new condenser could reduce the cost borne by the Unit Owner in the future.  Advance notification is required to obtain materials and schedule work.  Therefore, kindly contact the Management office if you have any plans for replacing your air conditioning condenser unit.